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Hortons Launch

I had a great job with a superb package at a renowned firm however it wasn’t enough for me, many called me mad to risk the great life I had built myself but I knew I had to take the opportunity to set up my own firm. There is nothing more daunting than quitting your job, re-mortgaging your home and going out on your own, but so far it has been the best decision of my life. I knew I had to make my firm stand out from the rest and throughout University I had a strong branding side to my business acumen. I used this branding skill to help create what I believe is one of the strongest brands in the industry; it’s simply my name but if you believe in something you will put your name to it and the rest will hopefully follow.

We worked long and hard on the website, hours were spent tweaking, re-wording and playing with the layout to ensure it stood out and illustrated our class, forward thinking and personable approach. It is of course your shop window after all.

Invest in your public profile and invest in your team; for me such a simple concept and one that Hortons apply to everything we do. We don’t intend to be a small time firm, we want to rival the best. Our business model allows us to hire the best people in the industry which ensures all of our clients receive the best possible service.

I believe in myself and my team in delivering an outstanding service. After all if you don’t intend to be the best at something in the beginning, why bother!

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