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Complaints Procedure

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1 Scope

Subject to paragraph 3, all claims, complaints and disputes arising out of or in connection with the services provided by Hortons Valuers Limited (“Company”) will be resolved pursuant to this procedure (“Complaint”)

2 Procedure

  • All Complaints will in the first instance be referred to a Director of the Company who will attempt to resolve the issue promptly.

(b)  If the Director is unable to resolve the Complaint or if you feel unable to discuss the Complaint with the Director, we will, on your request, appoint a Director not previously involved in the matter to endeavour to resolve it with you.  In the first instance you should contact Colin Horton who is our nominated complaints person or, if this is not appropriate, Arran Anderson.

3 Mediation

If and to the extent that any Complaint has not been resolved under paragraph 2 it may be referred to mediation by a sole mediator agreed between us and you or in default of agreement appointed by The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution.

4 Exclusions

We shall not be obliged to comply with paragraph 3 in relation to any Complaint in which we seek:

(a)  An order or award (whether interim or final) restraining you from doing any act or compelling you to do any act; or

  • A judgment or award for a liquidated sum to which there is no arguable defence (provided that the exception shall cease to apply and the Complaint may be referred to arbitration on the application of either party if the court decides that you should have permission to defend the claim); or
  • The enforcement of any agreement reached or any binding order, award, determination or decision made pursuant to this procedure;

nor shall anything in this paragraph inhibit us at any time from serving any form of demand or notice or from commencing or continuing with any bankruptcy, winding up or other insolvency proceedings.

5 Referral to Regulator

If, having followed the procedure set out in paragraphs 2 and 3, you are not satisfied that the Complaint has been resolved, you may refer the Complaint to the Ombudsman Services at;

Ombudsman Services: Property

PO Box 1021 Warrington


Tel: 0330 440 1634

Web: ombudsman-services.org

If the Ombudsman Services is unable to resolve your Complaint then you may refer the Complaint to the RICS at complaints@rics.org